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Why Bother Organizing?

Why Bother Organizing?

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Organizing saves Time, Money and Preserves Sanity

Organize Shmorganize, right? Some people think organizing is a waste of time, not worth the expense, too hard to deal with and takes too long to accomplish. Let me share 5 points of why I think organizing is valuable.

Point 1: Get out of Overwhelm. When I work with clients, overwhelm and panic are the main emotions they are experiencing. The thought of dealing with their things is too much to bear. It is too hard for them to face the piles of papers, clothing, unopened boxes and bags and dreck that envelopes their living and work spaces. Overwhelm is incredibly disempowering. The definition of overwhelm is, “to surge over and submerge; engulf; to defeat completely and decisively.” That is exactly where my clients are when they call me. They realize they need help and they feel engulfed by their fear and worry.

Point 2: Get Into Action. Clutter and too much stuff is a result of leaving decisions unmade. It’s bypassing what’s in front of us and hoping it will go away. We let mail pile up unopened, we hide mail and other papers in drawers, bags, closets and boxes. We stack things into our garage and have no idea what’s in there. We put things up high, stash other things behind furniture and hope that we won’t see it. My job is to get people into action by addressing the piles of things, by opening up bags and boxes and making decisions about these items. By getting into action, we break the logjam and start to free ourselves of the stagnation and see a way out of the morass.

Point 3: Let Go of the Past. Organizing is a great way of letting go of the past and moving on. Too many of us are stuck in the past of outdated magazines, inherited family items, broken, outworn games and machines and the inevitable, “I might need it someday.” Well, let me tell you, someday is an illusion. It doesn’t exist. If you’re holding onto something out of fear or obligation, then give it to someone who can use it and free yourself of the bondage of the past.

Point 4: Create Space. Organizing frees up space so you can actually see what you have and access it as you need it. You have space for all your things and floor space is reclaimed for walking and not for dumping things. Floor space should be treated with the value and importance it provides and not as open space to fill up and clutter. When we have open space, our eyes and minds have a place to rest and take in what’s there. “White space” is highly important.

Point 5: Feel the Relief and See the Possibilities. When organized, clients feel the relief. They get an immediate sensation that something has shifted and that there is a way through the fear, dread and panic. They can see there is a way beyond what they’ve known and they can lighten up and experience peace of mind. They see the possibilities of what their home and office can truly be. That it doesn’t have to be a wasteland of stuff everywhere. Their homes can actually function as a place to rest, entertain and enjoy.

Those are a few points about the benefits of organizing. You be the judge. Try it out. See and feel the difference in your living and work environments from how it was to how it can be. Organizing saves time and money and preserves your mental and emotional health in a myriad of ways. Call today to get started at 510.501.1213 and let’s get you organized!