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When Clutter Runs your Life

When Clutter Runs your Life

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Clear the Clutter and live unfettered

Clutter, clutter everywhere and no where to sit. I recently had a client who had lived in his apartment for 12 years and had to move since his landlord was reclaiming his home. My client had saved 25 years of paper in bankers boxes piled from floor to ceiling. He also suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome and some OCD issues around cleanliness which made it doubly hard to manage his incoming mail and packages. He was literally drowning in clutter with no where to turn.

I told him it was a blessing that his landlord was having him move. For he never would have done this massive purge of his own accord. The universe works in mysterious ways often to our benefit even when we can’t see that in the moment.

The other twist to the story is that he called me a week before he was to move! Fortunately he got a 2 week extension so we could actually complete the project. He, being of the intellectual sort, loved information and had printed voluminous amounts of paper from stock trading to health articles, to music to all sorts of devices in which he was interested. This paper accumulated into piles of boxes with paper overflowing his tables and other surfaces. My job was to sort this information and purge vast amounts of it while conferring with him on what was most important to keep. I had to create a system while I was working in this chaos so I could manage it and know where papers to shred went, where e-waste went, where papers to recycle needed to go. And then pack the things he needed and store in a specific place.

Bit by bit, we got through it and the piles started to subside and he could actually see the floor again! We worked all the way until the movers came,whereby moving only what he needed and starting over fresh. The goal for his new home would be to create a workable system so he could manage his mail and papers as well as create a home for himself. His former one bedroom apartment had dedicated the bedroom space for the office while his bedroom replaced the living room. There was no space for anyone to enter his home and visit. He had become a prisoner to his clutter.

By freeing him to move forward into a new home with only his essentials, he has the chance to start anew. Now he can make new choices that include connecting with the world around him and choose how he uses his space and what he has in it–pictures on the wall, a place for his files, a couch, dining room table, a way to manage his mail all the while improving his health and feeling more vital and alive. Clutter depletes and drains us of our energy and life force.

Now is the time. Now is the time to clear your clutter and have the home and office you most desire and need. Call for information and a free 20 minute consultation at 510.501.1213. Serving SF, Bay Area, Oakland, Walnut Creek, and Marin County.