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What’s Possible in 2016?

What’s Possible in 2016?

What’s Possible in 2016?

Half A Year Ahead

With half a year behind us, we have still have many opportunities to create what we desire for the remainder of the year. This tabla rasa, or blank slate, awaits our intentions. We need the planning, patience, persistence, vision and commitment to manifest our goals and take the necessary steps to create them. We also need the emotional connection to our goals–that spark that gets us up in the morning and into action.

Aligning with Higher Ideals

This, of course, requires us to align with higher ideals, to hold steady to what we want, to summon courage to grow beyond our safety zones and to stretch to include more of who we are. The old ways may favor us to stay small and to exist in our comfortable patterns. Staying where we were is like stagnant water in a pond–with  nowhere to go, it putrefies. Instead, what would happen if we opened to new options, new possibilities that could stretch us beyond who we’ve been?

We Have to Show Up
Creating a greater second half of 2016 is possible–if we are willing to show up, to do what’s uncomfortable, to write down and commit to goals that stretch and push us to be more. The famed Broadway and film director Julie Taymor of Lion King fame, says that she willingly puts herself in scary positions so she can create more fully, so she can stretch and expand and test her own limits. She notes, “I hate the comfort zone, let’s put it that way. I don’t think anything that’s really creative can [be] done without danger and risk.”

Commitment Is Key

Committing to grow my business, to serve others more effectively, to expand my earning potential, to be more visible in the world, to empower and motivate others, and to open to new skill levels require me to trust myself, to believe in what I have to offer is unique to me and does, indeed, positively impact people’s lives. I have to keep my eye on the greater goal and to keep moving towards it regardless of the fears and doubts that crop up along the way.

The Commitment To Stop At Nothing
Successful artists, politicians, athletes and the like, achieve greatness through their commitment to keep going despite the odds and any setbacks.  Again, like water, they will go over, around and under to get to their desired outcome. They reach the level of their greatness by their vision and the knowing they will achieve it.

What’s Possible Now
Opening to the possibilities frees us to experience more of life. It frees our personal power to express through new channels as it influences those around us in transformative ways. With a bigger goal in mind, we move past what we’ve known and who we’ve thought ourselves to be as we enter new territory. We give ourselves the chance to shine more brightly and to give our gifts that are needed more than ever.

Now Is the Time
Take a look at where you want to bring more of yourself into view and expression for the remainder of 2016.  Make the choice and commitment that NOW is the time to realize it not only for yourself but in the service of others.