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What’s on Your Keyring and Other Ruminations

What’s on Your Keyring and Other Ruminations

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what are you holding onto?

Have you ever stopped and looked at your keyring and wondered what all the keys you have belong to? Maybe you aren’t one that collects keys, but for some reason, I am. I actually have a container that had been filled with loose push pins, nails, picture hooks, assorted tools–the ones you get when you buy put-it-together-yourself furniture and a host of other loose things, in addition to a variety of keys. That container is now organized  with each item grouped into clear baggies so I can find what I need in it. I am somehow a magnet for keys throughout my life and I have amassed a large amount of them. I am keeping them all on one chain as a reminder of the doors I once had access to.

Recently,  I looked at my burgeoning key ring that I currently use and had NO idea what the majority of the keys belonged to. As I went around the keyring, if I couldn’t identify what it went to, I took it off and thus, lightened my load.

Where else have we collected things that we have no idea where the thing came from and why in God’s name we are keeping it? It puzzles me that we can have certain things and they haven’t served for some time and we allow it to take space in our lives and minds. This year, in particular, I have been reassessing many things that have taken space in my life and house that I am now ridding myself of: 4 bags of books, a collection of vintage purses from old costumes, a file of information on art and healing that I hadn’t looked at in years and was no longer something I was pursuing, obsolete keys, a slide projector wheel, 2 pair of old shoes I  no longer wore, a bin of old Barbra Streisand albums and CDs, a collection of magazines, a ceramic teapot. The list seems to grow as i continue to pare down what I don’t need and want.

I recently heard from a friend who hasn’t washed his dishes in 3 MONTHS and they are sitting in a bin in his sink! I couldn’t  believe my ears. I told him to go home and clean them. You know, how we do anything is how we do everything! That crap in his sink is the crap that he is avoiding in his life. That is the crap we ALL avoid from time to time. My job in working with clients is to work with people to address what that stuff is and to clear it out. I was working with a body worker who had all sorts of paper all over his desk. His desk was cramming him in the corner and he had stuff on the floor behind him, beneath his desk, on each side and atop his desk. I felt he was being consumed by it all. We cleared everything off the desk and started over, first by dusting it and vacuuming underneath the desk and then sorting and purging a lot of paper. It was a 1st step to a longer range project.

Listen People, our space is sacred! And if we have dishes in our sink, if we have papers and things on the floor, if we have laundry piled up, detritus in the backyard, that AFFECTS our lives. It affects our  psyche and our space. We’ve got to clear it out. Take a look to see if you have extra keys that no longer belong on your keyring and get rid of them. If you have things in your file drawers that are taking up too much space, get that paper out and make some room. We don’t need to keep it. We can let it go and free ourselves of it and have a lighter load with which to move through life.

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