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Think Spring, Think Order

Think Spring, Think Order

 Spring and Fall we naturally feel inclined and engaged to get into action on delayed projects and tasks as well as take classes to learn something new. With the return of Spring, we have the opportunity to restore order to our surroundings so we can live and work with greater productivity and creativity.
Spring is the Time to Do It
     Spring gets our energy moving to attending to long neglected tasks especially when it comes to a buried garage, the closet your can’t get into, the kitchen cupboards you can’t find needed items, the piles of unopened mail and overstuffed file cabinets with irrelevant and outdated paper. While many of us would rather be outside in the garden or taking a walk, the reality of our situation festers as we ignore what’s been staring us in the face for weeks, months or sometimes years!
     With such renewal of energy and the symbolism of growth, expansion and change, why not stop putting off what you’ve been avoiding and get the help of a professional to sort out the detritus and have a living and work space you can manage and use?
Procrastination Depletes our Energy
     Procrastination is truly a life zapper and energy drainer. In the back of our minds we know what we need to do and yet we keep walking past piles of papers and long neglected mail that needs our attention. We throw more things onto the piles in the garage as we turn off the light and close the door. Guess what? IT’S STILL THERE!
     It’s been said how we do anything is how we do EVERYTHING! Is this what we want to perpetuate? Do we want to continue aggravating our partner with piles of things we’d rather avoid than face and change it? Do we want to have a desk or work area in which we can’t find needed documents and other items we need? As we procrastinate further, we lose our vitality and creative expression, especially if we have adjusted ourselves to our piles of things. I’ve worked with clients where they’ve accepted that there are certain closets and doors they can no longer open because of the mass of stuff blocking them. That is no way to live.
Make A Decision
     Making a decision to have different results requires that we initiate new behavior. Throwing our mail into a pile, our clothes onto the floor, or items into the garage corners, merely perpetuates the problem. When you have an organized space you have a place for everything, you know where things are and can retrieve them on command and then return those items when done. You have a system in place that works and you don’t have to live with unmade decisions. You see an item and know what to do with it–keep or discard– and where it should live.
     With the return of Spring and a renewed sense of life, vitality and purpose, give me a call today and let me help you organize your space so it functions as you need it to and is also aesthetically pleasing to your specific tastes and desires.