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The Power of Incompletion

The Power of Incompletion

Cohen Utility drawerWorking in the field of organizing, I deal with many clients who have left things sit, pile up, gather, collect. There are undone projects, decisions left unmade and areas of the house where items have gathered and amassed to the detriment of their health and mental, emotional and physical well being. My job is to get them into action to start completing these things so they can both move forward with their lives and a space in which they can live.

Incompletion zaps energy. It saps our vitality and impedes our progress to live fuller lives. What is incompletion? It shows up as piles of unopened mail often hidden in boxes and bags or scattered across counters and tables. It appears as an impenetrable garage filled from floor to ceiling and front to back where the owner has no idea the contents or how to find anything she needs and wants. It can be a room that becomes a holding tank for everything we don’t know what to deal with and creates a sense of anxiety upon entering. The list is endless.

The places we’ve left incomplete, such as a college degree never finished, an application for a new job left partially filled, ending a friendship or relationship with words left unsaid, all drain and keep us from living fully present now. Some part of ourselves lives in the past and keeps pulling on us until we do something about it.

When working with clients and their clutter, my goal is to help them make decisions about their things and to eliminate what they no longer need and make room for what they do. I help inspire and motivate them to clear a pathway through the overwhelm and dread and to make choices about this stuff so it no longer controls them. Incompletion disempowers us from feeling fully alive and free. It detracts from having the life we want to live now because some part of our energy is tied up with the unsaid, undone project from another time.

So, what’s the way out? The way out is to address what’s in front of us. Do you have unpaid taxes? Do you owe money to someone or an agency? Do you need to complete a relationship that weighs upon you? Do  you have a desk full of papers that gets shuffled from one place to the next? When we assess where we are and assess what’s in front of us, we can make decisions about the situation at hand. We gain clarity as our minds have freedom to see new options. We experience a sense of relief, a wave of lightness that moves through us. We are empowered when we finish something from the past, allowing us to more fully engage in our lives now.

Take a look at where you may need to complete something left undone. Clutter in our living and work spaces is just such a need as is a room needing a paint job, an outworn couch that needs to be given away and a new one to replace it. If you need help with such tasks, call Creative Space Organizing at 510.501.1213 and let us help you live more creatively and productively.