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The Holidays are A-Comin’

The Holidays are A-Comin’

Simplify the holidays

Keep the Holidays Simple

Yes, it’s that time of year again with falling leaves, cooling weather and the return of the jam-packed holiday season. So many things to do and so little time. Oy!

Having our spaces organized facilitates a much smoother and easier time when the holidays bear down upon us. Having a cleared garage, all the decorations in one place, in clearly marked bins and easy access to them is a great beginning. Yet let’s back it up and start before that.

Simplify your spaces and create more room. Many times we have too many things in common areas that don’t need to be there that add additional clutter and confusion to the space. Make it simpler by removing excess furniture, getting rid of piles of magazines, newspapers and craft items that no longer serve their purpose.  Clean out desk drawers and files, donate old pots and pans, photograph kid’s art and then recycle it. They are not as attached to it as you are. We need to make decisions about these areas so we can open space up for when we do add holiday decor. Rather than piling it on top of what we already have, we can have open spaces designated for decorations.

Why are the holidays stressful? There are often many social obligations along with getting the house ready, family and guests staying in the home and a variety of other events that clutter an already filled schedule. We DON’T have to do it all. We can pick and choose what we want to do and let the rest go. Feeling obligated to meet all these timelines and requests can feel crazy-making. We also don’t have to do all the holiday decorating and gift giving and cooking. Simplifying is key so we have more time for what we want to do and minimizing stress and overwhelm. If you don’t want to do a Christmas tree or Channukah bush, then decorate a table with a green wreath and a candle. Add some gold if you want sparkle. String some lights over a curtain rod or fill a basket with lights and let it glow. Use things that have meaning for you and don’t overdo the decor unless you love it. I will group ornaments together, like a bunch of red mercury glass in a square wooden box or brown matte ornaments with  hot pink. Be creative.

It’s challenging not to take on the stress of the holidays and it sure isn’t worth making yourself a wreck. If you need to cancel on attending a holiday party, if you need to scale your decor back or have friends and family potluck a holiday dinner, that’s fine. Make it work for you. No one is going to win any awards for how much they do and no one is handing them out. Get your space together NOW! Don’t wait until the olidays are upon you and you have no time to think. Be judicious and creative and you will find yourself surfing the holidays with greater ease, peace of mind and flow.

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