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The Exhaustion of Clutter

The Exhaustion of Clutter

Clearing Clutter frees EnergyClutter drains. Clutter zaps our energy. Clutter and disorder cause us to feel weighted and heavy. They cast a pall over our minds and bodies as we feel exhausted looking at what stands before us.

When I work with new clients,  I ask them where they’d like to begin and they often have no idea. They look around and can’t find a place to start. By offering some suggestions as jumping in points, they are able to agree on one and get into action. By getting going anywhere, by getting a client to make up her mind and make a decision, I support her in moving out of stagnation and inertia and motivate her to start clearing her space. The inertia lies on the outside of the organizing process, as if a barrier that blocks the organizing actions from occurring.

Why is it that clutter exhausts us? Why is that it depletes us of energy, derailing productivity and action and keeping us stuck? If we view our things as solid forms of energy, and energy needs to move and flow in order to keep itself circulating and in motion, then clutter is the antithesis of energy. Dust, garbage, clothing, unopened mail, papers, things strewn on the floor, an overcrowded desktop, all these things prevent energy from moving. It deviates the flow from moving and keeps it locked within the things in its path. By clearing these things and placing them into specific areas and purging what’s not needed, this energy has a chance to circulate and move again.

Clients notice an immediate difference when they start to see cleared horizontal planes, whether it’s a floor, counter or desktop. They can see their things and make decisions to release what’s not needed and to keep what’s essential. They become engaged in the process and gain interest and excitement at the changes  made.

A recent client needed help with her bedroom. With clothes strewn on the floor or in laundry baskets, piles of books and magazines about and her desk and dresser in need of sorting, we began with her closet as an entryway into her situation. Just by folding clothing and bedding items, she gained more space and the closet looked and functioned better. A top  shelf, unused, became the place for guest bedding. Like items got hung together and clothing zones were created. Papers were sorted, magazines, periodicals and books essential for work were kept and the rest recycled. Previously unleft decisions were made and she got to witness her whole room transform as order was restored. She seemed lighter and more energized by the end. She saw the immediate progress of a 3-hour session for which she took action, bringing clarity to her living environment.

We don’t have to let exhaustion drain us because of clutter. It’s just stuff and once we start to move those things to their designated spaces,  energy flows again and we find we have more vitality for living and doing the things we love to do.