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In just two working sessions, Creative Space Organizing has helped transform the upstairs of our home from chaos into a beautiful, livable space. Steve’s productivity and flair for design have made this transformation fast and stress-free. He works so well with all the members of our family, including the pets. His positive attitude makes the work a delight and speed by. Creative Space Organizing is a true find and a business that we will work with for years.

Hali Croner, President and CEO / The Croner Company


Steve was amazing to work with in helping me deal with my dysfunctional set up of my apartment turn home office. With my increasingly successful business, I could not keep up with organizing myself. After a short discussion, he got right down to helping me do the dirty work, moving furniture, recommending things to trash or give away. He got me motivated to the point that after he left, I could not stop cleaning and organizing my place over the next two weeks. Last weekend, I even cleaned out my closet and dusted floor to ceiling. Now who can get you motivated to do that? Steve Adams can and did for me. He has my full endorsement!

Richard Okiuye, President
Leftwich Event Specialists, Inc.


Steve Adams, of Creative Space Organizing has extensive training in helping individuals de clutter their home, office and other spaces. He helped organize my closet and other paper work. I would highly recommend him because the services offered are affordable, he has patience and motivates individuals to make change within the space. In closing I look forward to using Creative Space Organizing in the immediate future.

Lakeysha Crawley, Tax Law


I was feeling a lot of stress. I had several piles of mail on my kitchen counter, a lot of it unopened, that had been sitting there for some time and I knew I needed to address it and find a way to sort it and file it.

I called on Steve Adams from Creative Space Organizing and within a 2 session period, we went through all the mail, sorted it, purged a lot of it and created new updated files to which I could place important documents for reference. I had papers in that pile I needed for my taxes, and with Steve’s help I was able to round up everything I needed for my accountant. That was a huge relief.

Having that paper there was like a weight and a continual reminder that I needed to address it. Now it is gone and I have my counter space back. Steve helped make space in my filing cabinets and to have the most pertinent and most recent files and paperwork where I could retrieve it on demand. He helped create a system that I can easily adhere to. I plan on having Steve return to assist in organizing my clothes closets and the remainder of my filing cabinets. Thanks so much!

Nita Darbonne, Director of Sales & Business Development for San Francisco’s EPIC Roasthouse and Waterbar


I have known Steve for the past 20 years and I recently had him to my home in Long Beach to help me organize some aspects of my home and living environment.

Because I am a teacher, I deal with lots of paper and it is a continual struggle to keep sorting what I need to keep and purge what I no longer need. Steve jumped right in and shredded boxes of old checks, documents with personal information and recycled old student papers I no longer needed. We cleared out a 2 shelf cupboard that had been holding outdated materials I’ve had for the past 8 years. It felt so freeing to let that go and to have reclaimed space for more important things.

Steve also went through some of my clothes closets and helped me purge clothes I no longer wore and we gave them to the Goodwill for someone else’s use. The remaining clothes were grouped together so I could more readily find what I needed when I need them. That is a huge timesaver.

He then went through my living and dining room areas and took away an assortment of decorative pieces that added more clutter than beauty. I have 2 side by side book shelves with art pieces, candles and shells and he grouped things together, eliminated what wasn’t needed and made things more clearly visible so they related to one another and made sense artistically. I love when I enter my living room and can see my things and have more space as well.

I highly recommend Steve’s skills as an organizer. He will meet your needs with his aesthetic and functional eye and abilities to assess a room’s needs and provide the client exactly what he/she desires.

Maria Mayoryk, Psychology Professor


As a school teacher for fifteen years, I realized I needed help in reorganizing my classroom and procedures. What worked years ago, clearly was not working now for me. I was bogged down in paperwork, filing, and piles and piles of stuff. Which resulted in wasted time and energy and a drain on my own ‘creative’ energy.

Steve came in and patiently helped me prioritize needed items, eliminate unnecessary things, and set up a filing system that would help me run my classroom more efficiently. It’s been a great beginning for me and I have been able to continue with our system. This makes my life much easier and alleviates the frustration of an out-of-order classroom. The students also benefit with me being in a better mood.

Please call if you would like further information about Steve. It’s been great…and I’m actually enjoying my work more.

Elaine Womack, San Jose Unified School District


My walk-in closet had became a junk room full of moving boxes old clothes, books and magazines, which cluttered my space physically and emotionally, and kept me at an emotional and physical stand still. Thanks to Steve Adams he transformed my closet into a spacious usable place. We spent about three and half hours, de-cluttering everything from clothes, books and newspapers. We replaced moving boxes with clearly labeled containers, including my teaching materials which I can easily locate.

My clothes have been arranged by type and color, thanks to Steve, who has a great eye for color and style. He helped me let go of clothes that I had attached myself to emotionally. It is a joy to stand, and even sit a while, in my new closet thanks to Steve’s eye and hard work.

He even suggested I replace some old throw pillows that no longer fit my decor and we found some perfectly matched ones at a great price! Such a simple change for a big impact!

I highly recommend Creative Space Organizing and all of the services it offers. His business is such a great gift and a wonderful service to release what is no longer needed.

Carolyn Shaw, Child Educator and Personal Assistant


Before I worked with Steve, my home had piles of non-functional clothing and appliances lying about. I knew I needed to do something with them, but hadn’t gotten around to it for years. The floor had piles of paper that were growing vibrant dust-bunny colonies. I had artwork on the walls that didn’t make me feel the way I wanted to feel. I had closets overflowing with bulging boxes containing God knows what that I had been meaning to organize for 5+ years.

Steve has helped me organize clutter and more in a fun, respectful, and manageable way. I’m actually proud to have people over, and they could even look into my closets without me feeling embarrassed! But most importantly, I can finally hear myself think and focus on important life goals, instead of getting distracted and overwhelmed with clutter and confusion.

Sarah C., Human Resources Consultant


Steve Adams broke my logjam called my “C” drawer filing system and turned disarray into order.

David King Keller, CEO Keller Business Development Group


Steve Adams was born to organize. I love my closet now and cannot wait for him to get going on my office. Order and organization have been a lifelong challenge for me. I felt very safe to have Steve come into my mess and utilize what I already had to make it work for me now. He is fast, friendly, efficient, funny and compassionate with the organizationally challenged. He is a total delight to work with. I cannot say enough about Steve’s good work. Excellent value for your money. Get Steve in your house or office now!

Paula Capocchi, Owner, Blondie’s Organic Hair Salon


In just a few hours Steve helped me turn a pile of clutter into a cozy and inviting reading nook. He did so with humor and practicality, even helping me go through those boxes of possessions that had an emotional charge. Just taking care of one little corner of my room helped turn it into a more livable space. I would have him back any day to help me tackle the rest of my apartment.

Diana Stasko, Owner, Better Living Through Sewing


I have worked with Steve for the past 4 years, as he has freelanced for my company, Branch Out Floral and Event Design. Steve brings a warmth, enthusiasm, excitement and joyful spirit to the workplace that helps keep others motivated and inspired. He works hard to execute the client’s vision and does what it takes to get the job done with humor and grace. He works with me, listening and following the directives I give so I can satisfy the demands of the coordinator and client.

A couple years back, I shared a warehouse space with another floral company, so space was tight. Steve organized the shelving units and the items we used so that we could access them easily and have greater flow in the storage area. This space had previously grown so unruly that it was hard to get to needed props and containers. With Steve’s system, we could all reach what we needed when we needed it, and when items came back to the warehouse, we could return them to their designated homes.

I also had a large project of purging and sorting through the belongings of several relatives I had inherited and kept for years. Steve helped me make short order of what to let go of and what to keep. I felt so relieved and unburdened by letting go of so much stuff. I donated these items so others could benefit from these unused things. I kept just a few special items and gained a lot of space for my business.

I know Steve’s organizational skills would benefit any client who used his services. I am certain he could assess a situation and create a variety of wonderful and workable solutions.

Leighsa Montrose, Owner, Branch Out Floral and Event Design


Steve has worked for me in a freelance capacity for the past 9 years and over that time I have enjoyed his positive presence he brings to the work place, a great sense of humor and a consistently focused work ethic. He is willing to work for last minute calls, including late night event strikes. He works well with other employees, creating a sense of camaraderie and connection and works hard to complete the projects and tasks in a timely manner, and do what it takes to get the job completed.

He has helped me organize my warehouse space, by offering suggestions and helping with creating systems so the many events we produce can go off more effortlessly. His keen eye for flow has helped me create greater order in the warehouse.

He recently helped me with a large inventory sale and he staged the sale and the items in a very pleasing and enticing manner that helped me sell the majority of my stock. It took a big burden off of me and gave me the time to sell without worrying about that end of the event.

I have been really lucky and thankful to have Steve’s great attitude, work ethic, organizing skills and support these many years. I know he will be a great asset to anyone who hires him for their work or home organizational needs.

Paige Benjamin, Owner, Passiflora Designs


Steve is an exceptionally talented designer and organizational guru – you’ll be lucky if you get to work with him! He really takes the time to truly get to know you, your taste and preferences and then translates it into a very personal experience. He does a great job balancing big impact ideas with small important details. On top of being such a design star, he is also an absolute joy to work with. He is attentive, proactive, upbeat, positive but most of all fun. His work product shows that he is whole-heartedly invested with not only the aesthetics but also with its functionality and simplicity.

Kelly Cuadra, Event Specialist


Living in a large ranch style home, I have found it challenging to keep order with a two year old and a variety of sports gear of my husband’s. I hesitated to hire an organizer and realized I couldn’t manage these things on my own. I heard of Steve’s work from a friend and had him assess the space and what I needed. I immediately felt at ease and knew he was there to work with me and to help me find solutions for what I needed. Steve is a great listener and created space for all of my husband’s equipment and expanded my space in the garage as well. He came up with fun and creative solutions for my son’s toys and things in color coded bins that helps him put his items away when he’s done with them. Steve’s artistic flair helped enhance my home’s functionality and beauty.

I needed to purchase a variety of containers in which to sort various belongings. Steve is budget savvy and knew the stores and online sellers so I could get the best deals and work within my budget. I am so thrilled to have my home have greater usability and function as well as a unique flair for what could have been a boring and utilitarian outcome.

No matter the size of any given task, Steve’s creative space organization will enhance the quality of your home or business and give you an environment that will help you to THRIVE!

Shana Draggoo, Roots Floral, Wedding Coordinator/Floral Design


Steve’s bright, competent and hard working capabilities have helped me run an event and floral division of Northern California’s largest prop and tenting company. I can give him the specifics for any event and, with his skill, speed and creative agility, I know that he will deliver what I need as promised to the client. He works great with other employees and has such a positive and upbeat demeanor, it is a pleasure being around him.

Steve has helped me and my assistant with keeping the event’s organized and arriving to their destination on time and in perfect condition. He facilitates keeping the work space clean, organized and managing the tools we use so they are easily located for other’s use.

He recently helped me in my home. I gave birth a year ago and have been busy raising my daughter and working. As a working mother, I find it challenging to keep order in my home where space is at a premium. With the barrage of baby gifts and clothing I received, they had become piled high in the living room along with assorted magazines on my coffee table and a large stack of mail that I didn’t want to deal with. Steve eagerly pulled all the mail out and we began sorting, purging and filing. I was thrilled to see my entry table surface again and to have important bills and documents I could easily and quickly locate. We purged the magazines and sorted all the baby’s clothing into clear bins marked by ages up to 4T! These went to the garage and I had a great part of my living room back. My dining table had become a catchall for clothing and purses and these things were sorted and put where they belonged and I had yet another clear surface to enjoy and use.

Steve has a natural finesse and ability to assess an organizing dilemma and arrive at great, workable solutions. I was initially embarrassed to have him see the state my house was in. Yet, with a gracious and non judgmental attitude, I quickly gave in to his organizing skills and am so glad I did.

Grace Abad, Floral Manager, Hartmann Studios


I have worked with Steve in various capacities for the past 12 years, including working for my company. Steve has a vital, fun and creative flair that he brings to his work and ensuing projects. He puts a unique twist on what he does and how he executes what he is doing. I enjoy his great sense of humor, his genuineness, his kindness and his strong work ethic. I can always count on him to complete what needs to be done in a timely and professional manner.

Steve works very systematically and can take a large project and make it manageable. When I have presented him with a multitude of tasks, arrangements and event details, he can assess their importance, prioritize them and check off each task as complete. He works well within guided parameters and has a great ability to figure solutions to trying situations.

Steve has helped organize props and product on site and create a makeshift workspace out of sometimes challenging and difficult locations. I can give him instructions and directions and attend to other duties without worry or concern. I know the project will be done as I need to my and the client’s satisfaction. Steve’s initiative is a great asset that has helped me through many challenging events.

I am assured whoever hires Steve for their organizing needs will experience only satisfaction and great results from his efforts. Steve is great at putting people at ease for he has the right demeanor to create a supportive and encouraging environment for organizing a variety of spaces.

Laura Lorenz, Owner, Lorenz Productions


Steve Adams has worked in a freelance capacity for my company, Lush Floral, for the past four years and I have been very fortunate to have had such a trustworthy, hardworking and dedicated worker/employee. He is consistently on time, he is willing to stay late and complete all needed projects and brings a great sense of humor and levity to the work place, which, in this business, is greatly appreciated and needed.

Steve has helped me on several occasions to organize my props, vases, containers and other stock to create a smooth flowing and effective system that will facilitate the production of our events. He has helped with creating filing systems for my accounts and wedding proposals and helped streamline files so as to simplify them and make them more easy to use. I can find documents and props I need easily, and that has saved me a great deal of time and stress.

I know anyone that hires Steve for his organizing skills will only be pleased and satisfied with what he can do to various spaces in which he works. I recommend his talents highly.

Jennifer French, Owner, Lush Floral Design