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Summer Order

Summer Order

Get your home and office organized

Clear the unneeded and use summer time wisely

Summer is a great time to get your garage in order since it holds so many of our summer things, including pool toys and pool gear, hiking and camping gear, bikes, sports equipment, picnic and BBQ supplies and they all need a specific home where they can be located when the occasion is needed.

It’s key that we don’t have things piled on top of each other or that things aren’t in opaque plastic  bags or  cardboard boxes. This is the time to invest in shelving if we don’t already have it and get clear bins to put like things into it so we can find them when and as we need them. Having a designated space for pool or beach items saves tons of time so we can grab our masks, snorkles, hats, umbrellas, mats and whatever else we like at the water. By spending some time getting our things together, we make life so much easier for ourselves and save precious time.

Other items we store there, like  luggage, vases, holiday decor  and the like, can be stored up and to the back since they aren’t used as often and they don’t need key placement. Having zones for the things we use often and those we use rarely helps us sort by importance and how often they are accessed. It’s gratifying to find things when we need them and to know where they are. It gives us a sense of power and control and helps us eliminate the chaos. We can bask in our hard work and reap the benefits.

Summer is a time of fun, play and celebration. When we know where our things are,  and are ready to go, we can access them and get to them as needed.

Make sure you take some time before summer slips away and get your garage in working order. Call Creative Space Organizing and we can help get you there at 510.501.1213