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Simplify Your Event

Simplify Your Event

Have a party or wedding to plan and you feel the details are overwhelming? Keeping it simple is key when it comes to events, depending on the size and scope. With large scale productions, experience and expertise can help assuage the volume of details required that would paralyze many. Yet most of us won’t be taking on big events that we need to organize.
Start with a list of the things you need from various food items, drinks/bar, then consider the venue, tables, chairs, number of guests, lighting, props, decor and a specific day and time. By breaking the event into smaller categories, you can tackle each area more easily and assign people to support you in those areas. Remember going into overwhelm is a choice and it’s caused by looking at the macro and framing it as one huge thing that you have to tackle all at once.
Creating a timeline is key as well. Certain tasks need to be done before others while some can’t be done until the day of. Look over your various categories or areas from this larger event and see what you can do now or ahead of time. The more you do upfront that can be put aside, the better. It will save you from stressing because it is completed. With a timeline in tow, you can visualize what you need to do and when to do it. You will have a plan of action that you can move forward with that will guide your actions and provide direction.
For instance, if you are planning a BBQ for 50 people, you will need to decide the location–your backyard or local park–decide a date, create a guest list, either hire a caterer or BBQ specialist or do the food yourself. You will need to decide what kind of meats you will offer, how many pounds per person and what accompanying foods you will offer, such as chili, corn on the cob, green and fruit salads, baked potatoes, potato salad, etc. Working with a professional can help take all this off your plate and let you enjoy more of the event. Make sure your event, if offered out of doors, happens when good weather is assured or you have a contingency plan to move indoors. I worked on a large scale wedding that happened on a rustic outdoor site and there was chance of rain for the ceremony day. The planner convinced the couple to rent a very expensive tent, which proved to be a smart investment. It poured rain.
The main thing about planning an event is not to bite off more than you can handle. Being overly ambitious without the proper experience and know how can ruin your day. Get as much support and help so you are not carrying the weight of the event on your own. And better yet, hire professionals to help you realize your dream so you can have fun on the day of and eliminate stress and worry from the equation. Call Steve @ 510-501-1213 and he can help organize and coordinate your event with style and ease.