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Realtor Moving Help

Realtor Moving Help

Creative Space Organizing works in tandem with realtors to help them on either or both ends of a move. Moving is often stressful and challenging both emotionally and physically. Creative Space Organizing helps eliminate that stress by providing the packing materials and the organizational finesse to pack and unpack easily and effortlessly.

We help realtor’s clients move out of an existing home by sorting and eliminating long held items no longer needed, packing only the necessary, streamlining the process to create an easier move with minimal stress and simplicity.

Creative Space Organizing also helps clients move into new homes by setting up specific zones for items and unpacking completely. Many people are exhausted and overwhelmed upon move in and often leave boxes unopened and left to sit for weeks, months or years at a time. With Steve’s help, he will get everything opened, help make final sorting decisions and then find homes for all your things so you know where they are and can find them on demand.