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Creative Space Organizing will help you

  • Assess your needs and goals and achieve them.
  • Use proven organizational tools that restore order, clarity and flow.
  • Educate you to new systems that better manage your belongings, de-clutter living rooms, desktops, and kitchen counters, reclaiming usable space.
  • Manage mail, files and the items you have so you control them and not vice versa.
  • Beautify an environment so it becomes a place in which you enjoy living and working.
  • Support you in purging long held items, recycling or donating them for reuse by another.


Assessment: If you should need a separate assessment, we’ll visit your work/living space and assess specific areas of focus and proceed as needed

Hourly Rate: Please Inquire

Package Rates: If you wish to book a group of hours, we offer free hours for longer term and ongoing projects.

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