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I am committed to transfer client’s discards to places where they can be recycled and reused and avoid ending up in landfill.

Where to Recycle

For an overall great recycling resource site go to and enter your zip code for locations near you. You can break down your search by category and then select for specific material that you have to recycle

Another great resource for virtually everything to recycle is www.stopwaste.orgThey have answers to many questions about items and where they can go.

Donation Resources

Household items

  • Goodwill accepts furniture, clothing, books and other items. See to find a location near you. Toys not accepted
  • Disabled Vietnam Veterans accepts clothing, housewares, and some furniture.
  • Lupus Foundation accepts clothing, housewares and some furniture. See
  • Catholic Charities accepts personal care items such as blankets, sheets, gloves, shoes and socks. No furniture or clothing accepted. See
  • Salvation Army accepts clothing, toys, housewares and a variety of items that other places won’t take. Pick ups available or see
  • Epilepsy Foundation accepts most household items such as clothing, shoes, bedding items housewares, toys, tools, games and small appliances and can offer pick up service.
  • Best Buy is great for taking CDs, CD cases, electronic cords, plastic bags, used batteries, ink toner cartridges. Target takes plastic bags, ink toner cartridges and

Clothing Only

Many local organizations provide low income women with gently used clothing appropriate for interviews and the workplace. Google “donate business clothing” for outlets near you.

Helping underprivileged women get back into the job market see Wardrobe for Opportunity at in Oakland, and Dress for Success in SF

Old Sheets/Bedding

Contact your local SPCA for donations of old sheets, towels and bedding. Animal shelters can reuse these items for cleaning supplies and bedding.

Eye Glasses

Lens Crafters, Pearle Vision, Sears Optical, Target, Optical, BJ’s and Sunglass Hut all accept used eye glasses, as well as local Lions Clubs.


You can donate a car to or Many local charities accept cars as well.

  • Computers and Electronics
    The Alameda County Resource Center in Berkeley will take any electronics (no large appliances), especially computers. They do not send equipment to countries with low environmental standards. Their first goal is to repair the computer and give it to someone who can benefit from it. Otherwise, all the components are dismantled at local refineries, reusing the metals and plastics. There are low charges for equipment drop offs. Check out
  • Best Buy

Best Buy is great for all sorts of electronic and appliance recycling, including store drop off and pick up for larger items. They accept TV/video, TV stands, Car Video, Audio, GPS systems, Camera/Camcorders, Computers, Mobile Phone, video Games, Home Appliances. See for a complete list.

For recycling electronics in San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara, Green Citizen takes all sorts of computer and other related electronics, as well as styrofoam and packing peanuts They also make computer repairs. Go to for more information.

Cell Phones

  • Best Buy provides free and easy recycling of any brand of cell phone
  • AT&T Wireless Reuse & Recycle Program accepts free drop offs of all brands of unwanted cell phones and accessories at AT&T Wireless retail stores
  • Staples Office Supply stores offer free drop off recycling services for used cell phones

Christmas Lights

For a limited time, Home Depot accepts old Christmas lights for recycling that can be replaced with LED energy efficient lights. Seasonal only.

Another link for Christmas lights recycling is

Art Projects

  • The East Bay Depot For Creative Reuse in Oakland is a non profit that takes unwanted art related supplies, such as magazines, silk flowers, containers, art work, frames, posters, fabric and other items for donation that are resold for art projects. Pick ups available for larger donations. See
  • In San Francisco, Scrap, also non-profit, receives the donation of various art supplies and other items for resale and reuse for art projects. See
  • In San Francisco, Building Resources, a non profit, takes all sorts of home related items, including lumber, paving, plywood, steel, flooring, garden supplies, bathtubs, cabinetry, tools and even urinals! Check them out at
  • Try your local Parks and Recreation Department and local elementary schools to donate anything that could be used for art projects for children


Plastics are an indelible part of our society and won’t be going away anytime soon. Rather than throw them into the landfill, here’s where you can recycle them.

#4 LDPE (low density polyethylene): Plastic Bags and wrappings, supermarket and produce bags, bags inside boxes, case wrap for snacks, wrap for packs of water, bottles wrap for paper products. Where to recycle: Safeway, CVS, Rite Aid, Albertsons, Krogers, Trader Joes, Walmart, Staples, Target, JC Penny.

#5 PP (polypropylene): Yogurt and similar containers, food storage containers, medicine bottles, threaded twist top caps, flip top caps, squeeze jars/bottles. Where to Recycle: Gimme 5 locations located at Whole Foods or mailed to Gimme 5 Redemption Center (see PP caps and lids may be recycled at Aveda stores.

#6 PS (polystyrene): Plastic Take out and Styrofoam egg cartons and meat trays, molded Styrofoam for shipping, packing peanuts, disposable cups, plates and utensils. Where to Recycle: Go to and type in #6 and your zip code or return to Dart Container. For molded Styrofoam (except foodware) refer to .pdf in Packing peanuts are reused by shipping sores, Mail Boxes Etc and The UPS Store.

#7 (other): Candy wrappers, potato chip bags, juice drink pouches, pens, cookie packages, tape dispensers and glue bottles. Where to Recycle: A company called Terracycle ( organizes programs to collect hard to recycle waste. Terracycle donates 2 cents or more per item to the charity or school of your choice.

Environmental Resources for Recycling

Household Hazardous Waste
To dispose of hazardous waste see

Eliminating Large Amounts of Stuff

  • TUBS, Inc will take dumpster amounts of refuse. See
  • 1-800-GOT-JUNK is North America’s largest junk removal service. They do all loading, your junk is recycled, taken to a transfer station or sent to landfill. Pricing is based on your city, volume of material and the nature of it. Accepted items include construction materials, garden refuse, furniture, appliances and more. No hazardous waste.

Help with Clutter
Clutterers Anonymous is a 12 step program aimed at supporting people with clutter issues that have overrun their lives and made them unmanageable. There is an online site at are phone and face to face meetings. See site for details.

Stopping Junk Mail and Telemarketing Phone Calls
Reduce the piles of unwanted mail by sending your name to the address below

Mail Preferences Service
Direct Marketing Association
PO Box 9008
Farmingdale, NY 11735-9008

Contact the Direct Marketing Association to remove your name from mailing lists. Call212.768.7277 or see

Stop the flow of credit card offers by calling 1.888.2.OPT.OUT to stop credit bureaus from selling your information to banks or credit card companies (Social Security Number required).

Random Items to Recycle

Wedding delivers hotel toiletries and soaps to areas beet with widespread and life threatening communicable diseases

Kids Flicks: donates used children’s DVDs to children’s hospitals and pediatric departments.

Overflow Produce: if your garden overflows with produce, donte the excess through which connects backyard gardeners to food pantries in their areas.

Wood Planks/Construction Materials: to offer up detritus produced by your home renovation, including lighting fixtures and garden furniture, to other builders or homeowners.

Stuffed Animals: Send them SAFE, which donates gently used stuffed animals to homeless shelters, hospitals, and emergency aid workers—paramedics often give the soft toys to kids they meet on their calls.


Places to Buy Organizing Supplies

General Supplies

General Office Supplies
Office Depot:
Office Max:

Unique and Elegant Office Supplies
russell + hazel:
See Jane Work:
Smead M.O. line:
Sorting With Style:

Home Improvement/Closets
Home Depot:
California Closets:
The Container Store:

Organizing Products
Bed, Bath & Beyond:
The Container Store:
Crate & Barrel:
Hold Everything:

Stack and Stacks:
Joann Fabrics: