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Plan Your Day

Plan Your Day

Time is a precious commodity that we can’t get more of. Once it’s gone, that’s it. We can’t get it back. Being careful and mindful of how we use our time is key and scheduling our day is just such a way.

Planning my day is a practice that I’ve struggled to instill and I have made a  conscious effort to do it everyday. While I still have some days where I don’t do it, or do it very well, I am scheduling my day more consistently and it is making a difference between getting things done and leaving things to drift in the wind.

Our days are filled with only 24 hours and none of us has any more or any less than another. It is up to each of us as to how we schedule our days and what we do with that precious time. When we realize the rapid passage of time and see the horizon line before us, we best be conscious of each day and do what needs to get done so we can create the life we desire.

When you take the time to schedule your day, you have a roadmap as where you need and want to go. You track what you want to give your time to and how to use that time. It puts us on notice that we are taking charge of how we want our days to unfold and to what we give our attention. This applies moreso for people who own and run their own businesses. Those in designated jobs, our 8 hours of work each day is dictated by another. What we do before and after work, though, is a different story and we can fill that with endless TV, video games, surfing the web, exercise, hanging out with friends, or time devoted to hobbies and self improvement. It’s up to us.

When we come to truly appreciate the value of time and what we can create with it, we have a powerful combination in our hands. We make new choices, we move beyond passivity and into action and create a life that can reward us in richer ways. I know how easy it is to pass on things I need to do in favor of a movie online or surfing the web. Those things are fine activities and yet, when I am engaging with them at the expense of the improvement of my business or of having a more rewarding life, then it doesn’t serve me to do that.

When I value my time, when I value what I am creating, then I create more structure and focus for myself and I can accomplish greater results. I grow, my life and my business grow, and I find myself feeling more fulfilled and satisfied. This is not to say that we should be working 24/7. We do enough of that in our culture. Having time for rest and play is paramount to having a more balanced life.

Begin scheduling your days. Try this for 1 month and see if you notice the differences. Rather than focus on endless To Do lists, put your attention on the outcomes you want to achieve and watch how your life changes.  It will be dramatic after a month’s time. If you need help, call Creative Space Organizing at 510.501.1213