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Pause For Reflection

Pause For Reflection

Pause For Reflection

The Arrival of Summer

June brings the arrival of Summer, a time of fullness, ripeness, and greater expression. With it, we can find ourselves moving full steam ahead with work, home life, tending to children, social and networking obligations, commuting, exercising and more. How often do we pause to literally take a breath? To take a moment to think, “breathe” before we open our computer or make a phone call? How do you think our mind’s would shift if we did this?

Western Mindset
Being raised in a western mindset, we are trained to do first, be later. We have goals to achieve, money to earn, quarterly projections to meet, children to raise and relationships of all kinds in which to tend. Add in maintaining social media and it’s a lot to handle. Giving ourselves pause is paramount to remember there are only 24 hours in a day and we can do only as much as we can for that day.

Time Management
Time management plays a key role. When we can divide time to certain tasks in specific time increments, we find our productivity increases as we work with greater diligence and focus for that period. For instance, say you have calls to make, invoicing to be done and adding content to your blog. If you give yourself 30 minutes to make your calls, 60 minutes to work on invoicing and 45 minutes to write, you will find that once the timer is going for that period, you can focus with greater results because you have your full attention on completing the task within that time frame. Even if the task isn’t completed, you finish what you can in the time allotted and move to the next thing. By setting mini goals, you will move closer to the larger goal objectives.

Saying Yes/No

Learning to say Yes and No to the obligations and tasks of our lives is key. Some of us may feel No is not allowable or part of our vocabulary, especially if other people are involved and we don’t want to hurt their feelings or upset them. Men tend to have an easier time of say No whereas some women feel obligated to say Yes. Having the freedom of choice to say these two words is key to our well being and sanity, to not overextending ourselves and to maintaining balance and order in our lives. I’ve heard it said, “No, is a complete sentence,” meaning we don’t owe an explanation to our answer.

Delegate When Possbile

If we find ourselves in overwhelm with too much to do and complete, then it’s paramount to delegate, when possible, other tasks such as housecleaning and running errands, that we can hire to have done, thus giving us more time for things that are more important to our lives. This can also be time used for a massage, mani/pedi, a walk in nature, book reading, a nap, or whatever you use that regenerates us. Look around at what things are not urgent and important and can be done by someone else or done at a later time. See what items are key to complete now and set a plan of action to get them done. Schedule in time for enjoyment and rest, even a walk through the neighborhood or a browse through a favorite store. Take the breath you need to keep balance in your life especially during the busy summer months.