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Organizing is Creativity in Action

Organizing is Creativity in Action

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Clear your space and increase your creative output

Organization is the systematizing of a specific space. It’s a coherent way of ordering items so they are easily found and utilized for their intended purposes. More often than not, I find clients who don’t have a sense of how and where to systematize their things and so they end up in a host of places–they are in places that don’t make sense or are buried in bags, boxes, in the back of closets and underneath things so they can’t be found or utilized. And when we do organize and get things visible, these items are accessible and usable. Their function returns. We are reestablishing a creative environment because it is productive and operational.

Creativity means the “ability or power to create,” and when our homes and offices are mired in clutter, when we can’t find what we need or when our pathways are blocked and impeded, then our likelihood of creating and producing is severely diminished. We find ourselves at cross purposes with what we want to express. Thwarted expression leads to dysfunction on a variety of levels, including anxiety, overwhelm and depression.

By organizing a space, by systematizing the things in it, by having a logical and creative approach to how things are stored and used, we return creative purpose to that space. Our minds aren’t swimming in a sea of confusion. Rather all our items have a home, they live in a place that makes sense, our files only hold what they need and they are soundly labeled so we easily find our required documents. That is creativity functioning at its highest.

I recently had a client who’s office was filled with large bins of papers from her deceased mother and uncle as well as her own papers. She had no idea what she had or where to find anything. After many hours together of sorting, eliminating and filing, she was able to easily find papers for her financial planner that she retrieved in seconds at which her  planner noted how organized she was! That was a huge win. Prior to this, she would have spent much time and anguish looking for papers she couldn’t find. Now she can! We have also done the same thing with bins and bins of photographs that were a mixture of her mother, father, their parents and siblings, as well as of her son and former family unit. These are now organized in smaller containers with headers for each event or era and the bin labeled with it’s contents and they can all be found easily and effortlessly. Yeah!

Our homes and offices can be great hubs of creative expression as they should be. Once we make the decision to eliminate the excess and keep what we have in an orderly, creative as well as aesthetically pleasing way, we will find our spaces that much more functional and enjoyable. If you need help with this process, please feel free to give us a call at 510.501.1213 and let’s get your space creatively organized.