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Order is the 1st Law of the Universe

Order is the 1st Law of the Universe

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Create order and your life works better

Thomas Troward the 19th C. British judge and metaphysician declared that order is the first law of the universe. Without order there is chaos, there is disruption, there is no sense to life and its many things and how they fit together. With order, we have a rhyme and reason for how the planets revolve around each other and how things function.

It is the same with professional organizing. We need order in our living and work spaces so we can create what we need, so we can think clearly, so we can enjoy our surroundings, so we can have space to use the things that support us and then have a place to store them. When we have disorder on our desk, in our garages, closets, bedrooms, and living rooms, we find our concentration scattered, a need to leave the space and feelings of overwhelm and anxiety. We may not know what the cause of it is or from where it’s originating. We just know that we don’t like how it feels and we want relief.

Order means to arrange, organize, systematize, or methodize. We put things in order because there is an inherent order to the world around us. Nature knows this by the way animals live and interact with each other and their environment. The plants and green world live in order with the sun and with the changes in weather and temperatures, drawing  nutrients from the sun and the world around them and giving it back to the creatures that eat them. Without order, we can’t exist and function effectively. That is why many clients I have call me in the first place, so they could restore order and have the homes and offices they need to function at their best.

Take a look at what strikes you as orderly: is it the way the trees line a street, how ducks swim in a row, how the seasons change with ease and grace, or how your teeth line your mouth? There is order inherent in the world and yet certain humans struggle with this concept and cause great disorder wherever they go. They don’t know how to sort, how to eliminate and let go of the unnecessary. They don’t know how to maintain order in a space or what to do when it gets out of order. It requires a certain way of thinking, a certain awareness of how to systematize, how to regulate one’s belongings and where they go. And when upheaval occurs, many are unable to bring it back into order?

If you or someone you know struggles with the order of their environments, Creative Space Organizing can help. We work with you to teach you how to clear a space, how to  remedy problem habits and areas that don’t seem to stay organized and to get you on track to having the work and living spaces you want and need. These are teachable and learnable skills that successfully reinvigorates your space so it is orderly and arranged.  Call today at 510-501-1213 and get started to bringing order to your world.