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Making More Time for You

Making More Time for You

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Don’t let your stuff run your life

While we can meet new people, replace our cars, sell our homes and trade up, buy new clothes, artwork or furniture, we can never buy more time. Once this moment, this hour, this day is gone, it’s gone for good. We can never get it back. Time is the one precious commodity we can never barter for or get more of.

As we age, we realize how fast time goes. It wasn’t until my late 30’s that I realized the life I had been living. I realized I couldn’t go back and get the career I never had, have the love I didn’t have or travel as I wished I had done when younger. This was it. Right now. I could only live for now and go forward and start living how I wanted from here on out.

Think of the time we spend looking for our keys, purse, wallet, important papers or our child’s report due that morning at school. We waste more time looking for things that could be time spent in creative pursuits. We could increase our productivity if we knew where these things were. We would have more time to spend with loved ones, pursuing a new goal, painting, writing or getting in shape. Life is precious and it is short. We don’t  know that when we are younger. It’s not until we start to see the finish line moving closer and closer that we scramble to make changes.

Clutter blocks us. It’s the proverbial wall that stands in the way of where we want to go. It’s a monolithic ball and chain that prevents us from  showing up in bigger ways and moving  towards what we want to create. It immobilizes us from making new choices and moving freely through life. What if we finally addressed the garage that we haven’t been able to access for years or finally let go of old relics we’ve inherited from several relatives because we feel obligated to keep this stuff?

Our lives are valuable and so is our time. When we address the areas of clutter and obstruction, new choices open up to us. I recall a friend from years ago who was surrounded by clutter. He could only sleep on 1/2 of his bed because the other half was piled with clothes. When I made the suggestion of how he could address this, he quickly dismissed my help and changed the subject. I knew this stuff was his protection from moving forward with his life. It served as his security blanket, buffeting him from living a greater perspective.

See where you are stymied. Check out where you are losing invaluable time, time spent in procrastination, in watching hours of YouTube or TV, where you try to get started on something and you quickly lose interest and  momentum. These are places that need attention and new behavior.

Take 10 minutes a day and choose a place that needs attention and start sorting and eliminating. Keep what you need and find a home for it . Keep at it until you have resolved the issue. If you need help, call Creative Space Organizing and get the clutter handled so you can save your precious time for what you truly want to pursue.