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In 2013, Order is Key!

In 2013, Order is Key!

Get organized with Creative Space Organizing

Order is key for having the space in which to live and work

With the holidays passed and the New Year upon us, we have the chance to make a difference in our lives by clearing the clutter that has bogged us down from moving forward and manifesting our goals and dreams.

Yes, clutter psychologically, mentally, emotionally and physically hinders our progress, our productivity and creativity. If order is the first law of the universe, then how can we expect to function effectively in a place that is overloaded with too many things. We are lost amidst papers, unopened mail, catalogs, magazines, unpaid bills, dirty clothes, dishes, piles of papers on table tops and counters, and piles of plastic bags and boxes that clutter garages and storage areas. With all this physical distraction, it’s no wonder we can’t find what we need as we spend countless hours looking for things we wished we could find.

So what’s the solution? Set an intention and get a game plan of action. Set your mind to clear a specific area and give yourself a time frame in which to start. For example, “My intention is to have a clear work space. So I will clear my desktop on Friday afternoon, January 4th from 2-3pm. I will start the project and if I have energy to keep going, I will go an additional hour.” By giving ourselves specifics, our minds have something tangible in which to work. Bookending, making a phone call before and after a commitment, to a trusting person, is extremely helpful. It keeps us accountable to our goals.

Now is the time to start. Don’t put it off. If you find yourself overwhelmed at the thought of doing the work alone, get support. Just as we would hire a trainer for exercise, we can hire a professional organizer to get us going on the right track and empower us to create the living and work space we want and need.

When it’s our own stuff, we are often mired in the emotions, feelings and sentiments that we’ve associated with our things. An organizer is an impartial force who can sort through things without getting bogged down in the past and help clients make easier decisions about their various things to bring order more quickly and effectively.

Don’t let the past and its many barriers keep you blocked. Now is the time to bring order where you need it most with the help of Creative Space Organizing, serving SF/Bay Area, Marin County, Oakland/East Bay and Contra Costa county. Call for a free assessment at 510.501.1213 and visit us online at