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How to Plan a Party

How to Plan a Party

Planning a party or event can be stressful if you aren’t sure how to proceed and where to begin. Of course, the bigger the party, the more guests, the more details and the more chaotic it can become. Hiring a professional can make a huge difference because you are hiring someone with experience in running multiple details and overseeing a project where the smaller pieces fit to create the whole.
If you do choose to organize an event, you need to start with the overall theme. What is the party for and what is it celebrating? You want to create a cohesive look so picking a theme can really help, whether it’s a theme like Hawaiian, 70’s Disco, Roaring 20’s,  Golden Anniversary or 40th Birthday. All of these contain a certain look and feel that will determine how you choose to decorate the space.
For larger venues you are renting, you will need lighting, tables, chairs and linens if the facility doesn’t carry their own. You will need to hire a caterer, unless the venue provides in house food and you can go with their menu selection., and then decide on the menu to match the theme you’ve chosen. Choosing a guest list is important which depends on your budget and space limitations and deciding, if important, who sits where and with whom. Are the tables going to have basic white linens, colored to match the theme or specialty linens, which cost more but will dress up the event. Make sure ALL linens go to the floor. NEVER use 3/4 or 1/2 length! Table legs are for holding up tables not to be seen.
Will you be having flowers on each table, balloons, ora prop that relates to the theme? Again, many considerations to take into account. Whatever is on the table should not distract or block people from seeing one another. The idea is for people to connect and interact not bobbing their heads from side to side to see each other. Disposable cameras are always a fun addition where you let guests shoot their own and you see aspects of the party you missed. Keep decorations simple by keeping colors limited to 1, 2 or 3 rather than a rainbow array.
Having a coordinator day of of is essential with a written timeline for scheduling that can keep the event running as smoothly as possible. Some parties this isn’t an issue and isn’t necessary. Yet for weddings, there are many different things that need to happen at certain times and people need to be in specific places at certain times. All that requires great planning and logistics.

The main thing is to THINK and plan ahead. If you have experience throwing parties, you will have a sense of what to do and when. Timing is critical, especially when booking venues and vendors, some booking months in advance. If you don’t feel comfortable undertaking an event, then, by all means, hire a professional to walk you through the process so your event will be just as you imagined. Call Creative Space Organizing for help. We have access to a full line of rental items to bring your party to life as well as over 20 years experience in the event industry.