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Relax and enjoy the holidays with Creative Space Organizing

When the holidays hit, we can find ourselves perhaps in overwhelm with too much stuff to do in addition to the busyness of our everyday lives. With our regular work schedules, family obligations, meetings, exercise, etc, we pile on holiday parties, shopping, decorating and more. It can feel rather daunting.

The truth of the matter is, we have the choice as to how much we participate and how much we do. We  can actually choose to scale back and do less during the season. We can select certain parties to attend rather than feel obligated to go to every one of them. We can choose to give gifts or donate to worthy causes in honor of the people we give gifts to. We can simplify our holiday dinners by having people bring dishes and help pitch in with set up and clean up. The goal is to make life manageable and enjoyable so when the big day rolls around, you can actually enjoy it and not sit like a zombie, exhausted and resentful because you overdid it.

I recall years ago when I had a day off from work and I did all my present shopping, laundry and house cleaning and pushed myself so hard that my back went out. That for me is always a huge red light that I have crossed the line and overdone it. Luckily I got to my chiropractor and stopped all the doingness. It was too much for my system to handle. I had to take a time out and listen to my physical needs and restore order and balance to my life.

The winter time in pagan cultures was a time of quiet and reflection. Since the land was frozen over and it was too cold to do much outside, people were forced to come inside and be quiet. The winter was a time of more stillness and quietude. Our culture has it reversed where we are running around shopping, partying and doing too much. We race through the season and forget what it’s truly about. When we stop instead and take some time for ourselves, we can have a different experience that enriches our lives rather than depletes it. What’s the point of being dazed and confused during a season that is promoted as being so wonderful. We are at choice as to how much we do and how much in which we engage.

Take stock of what you are doing in your life during this holiday season. See if it is all necessary and if it is all worth doing. Cut out the extras and pick what is most important to you. Get your space organized so you can function in it more effectively and actually enjoy being there. If you’re surrounded by clutter, your mind and body respond in kind. Enjoy yourself and make the most of this season.