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Getting from Here to There with Organizing

Getting from Here to There with Organizing

Personal Organizer

Getting from here to there requires support and encouragement

Often beginning an organizing project can feel like a big ordeal for someone when they don’t know how to start or where. With overwhelm and fear paralyzing them, they’d rather do anything else than begin the process.

Luckily that’s where I come in and and get them engaged and out of stagnation and panic. We pull apart the various elements, addressing the easy parts first, such as garbage and recycling and sifting through the detritus, sorting along the way and getting to clear surfaces below.

Like any overwhelming project, it’s all in the approach and attitude when getting started. The thought of getting started is often too much for people, whether it’s starting an exercise regime, writing a paper, getting an art project going or cleaning the garage. This inertia feeds procrastination and keeps the individual stuck. His thoughts berate him for not getting into action which in turn feeds more of the same behavior: not doing and not doing some more.

With organizing, as any project, getting help, coaching and support, is key. It takes us out of our own stuckness and gets us into action for someone else is guiding and directing us in the process and motivating and inspiring us to get moving. Once the ball is moving, the process becomes easier for we are generating momentum which carries us to the next place in the process. Once the garage floor is cleared of trash and we’ve sorted and kept what we want, we assemble the shelves and create homes and zones for the items. The once tangled web is now untied and we now have a space that is usable and workable. A sense of relief flows over the once stymied client as she feels the burden lifting and can now not only use the space but know what she has and where things live!

Getting from here to there is a journey. Sometimes clients aren’t willing to get where they want to go and they drop the ball, drop out and things revert back to how they were. Other clients go all the way across the finish line and then some and get the full benefits of an organized home and office, where things work easily and fluidly and flow with order and balance. The best way to assure getting to “there” is through commitment and perseverance and the willingness to keep going. That is where I come in to keep them motivated and to keep them in process so the momentum carries them to their desired outcome.

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