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Get the Most out of a Mess

Get the Most out of a Mess

Create zones for like items and make cleaning easyWhat do you do when faced with a big mess or even one that seems big? Most people get overwhelmed and can’t handle what they see. They’d rather regrout their bathroom floor or take a nap than face a cluttered desk or an overloaded closet.

I recommend starting with all like items and grouping them together. For instance, get a bag or box and collect all paper items, such as mail, cards, letters, bills, etc. Then collect all clothes and place into a pile or bin. Continue on in this way until all items are sorted in like piles. If there are miscellaneous pieces put those together and they can be sorted individually later.

Now take action on each pile. For instance with clothing, if clothes are dirty, place in clothes hamper for washing, hang anything that is clean and if there is anything that is unwearable, then discard it or donate it to charity. With papers, open all mail, unless you know it is junk mail and discard or shred. Place all bills into one pile, all notices in another, documents you need in another and so on. Take action on bills and pay (or better yet, sign up for online bill pay and do away with writing checks and receiving unnecessary mail). File all documents and papers you need and discard or shred the rest. Don’t throw anything away that has personal information on it.

This process can be used in any room or for home or office. Once items are sorted and action has been taken upon each thing, you can create systems where these things go and where future like items can be stored as they come in.

Diligence is the key and you must keep up with the things that continually stream into your home. As one thing comes in, one thing should go out. Keep the flow moving and circulating.