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Even the Best of Us Get Disorganized

Even the Best of Us Get Disorganized

Don’t despair over disorder. It is not a life sentence and it can be remedied with the help of Creative Space Organizing. There are some of us who have never been organized and need help now. There are others of us who are more organized and need help maintaining it.

I am currently working with a client who had consolidated 2 homes into one and needed help purging a variety of things she no longer needed. While for the most part she has a good deal of order and some systems in place, as we’ve been moving through the house, there are certain places that have required a fair amount of organizing to get the space more functional. A filing system needed to be created for the kitchen area where mail, bills and other important documents end up. Storage cabinets in the garage needed fine tuning where various things were randomly placed and were moved to their designated homes while other things were purged. A large closet area needed like things put together and seasonal clothing rotated out. And a gift/wrapping room required a major purge of items no longer needed and other items–luggage, ice chest, cloth shopping bags, artwork and other things, to be moved to their designated zones, purged or sold. The room is now usable for its intended purposes and much more space has been created. Once designated areas of a home are created, then random things have a place to go that fit into those space/categories. It’s exciting when that happens–when you have places for things and you KNOW where they go.

I have another client whom I’ve been working with for over a year and while her home is in a vastly different state from when we started, we still had to readdress her home office that needed some fine tuning and catch up for photo sorting, kid’s artwork and school papers and her own work items. Fortunately, we know have places for all those things and we can easily locate them and place them there. It’s a big relief and makes sorting so much easier.

I myself have to stay up on the paper, mail and other projects that I am working on and to keep the process in flow. It’s like dishes that we use each meal–we need to clean and put them away so we can maintain a usable kitchen and be able to use the various pots, pans, glasses and dishes for later meals. I have to keep up on my mail and paperwork so I don’t have piles accumulating on various horizontal surfaces as they are wont to do. I know if I make an immediate decision about mail and other items that come into the house on a regular basis, then I don’t have to deal with a stockpile of things that requires more time and energy to sort.

Maintaining order doesn’t have to send you screaming for the door. If it’s done regularly and consistently, you can keep a good handle on it and have the office and home where you can work with greater ease and productivity.

If you need help with any area of your home and office, call today 510-501-1213 and bring order where you need it most.