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Directing the Flow

Directing the Flow

Let Go of the clutter

Keep the flow moving in an organized and beautified space

Everything in life has a life flow, or chi, that is an indestructible source of energy that powers the solar system, the tides, weather patterns and way your life unfolds. This energy source must be valued and respected. When we ignore it or try to resist it, we find ourselves in conflict with ourselves, co-workers, money, and how we interact with others.

This issue is never more apparent in our homes and offices when we find them perpetually discordant, cluttered, and messy. When things are hard to find, when files and papers are lost and  we can’t seem to make sense of our closets and garages, it’s time to pay attention to the flow and how we use it.

Directing the flow requires we honor the first rule of the universe which is order. Without it, there can only be chaos. It keeps the planets aligned and orbiting as they should. It maintains the ocean currents and how animals reproduce and how plants grow and multiply. By becoming aware of this flow and learning to work with it, we can shift ourselves to move in alignment with it and experience the bounty it offers.

So how do we do this in our work and living spaces?  When we have clutter and piles of things left unattended, the chi stagnates and gets blocked. We may find ourselves tired, drained, unmotivated, uninterested, uninspired. despairing and disassociated. The chi, the life force, has stopped flowing and we grow mired in its enervating forcefield. Energy that is intended to move around and over and through spaces gets impeded and slows to a crawl and we go along with it.

That’s where a professional organizer can greatly help. We come in, assess what you need and begin to sort,  purge and contain your clutter as it gets moved to new places and out of the inertia of blocked energy. Just by moving it, dusting, sweeping and paying attention to that pile of stuff, something happens and energy shifts. We bring attention and energy to the situation and change occurs.

Clients claim feeling lighter, feeling different, sensing that something has changed for them. What is different is that the chi is flowing and moving and they have moved out of stagnation and fear. They have gotten themselves into action and life has a new perspective. They can see things from a different perspective.

We all hold the power to redirect the flow in our lives by filing papers, by vacuuming and dusting a room, by clearing long standing clutter and putting it into new systems that can be maintained. We don’t need to fear or dread it. It is easily doable with a wiling and open mind and the assistance and support of a skillful organizer.