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Clarity is Key

Clarity is Key

Home and personal organizing

Clear your space and clear your mind

When dealing with an overwhelming array of clutter and mess, clarity is key. We may find clarity is the farthest thing from our organizing toolbox. Yet through our willingness and commitment to follow through with a plan of action, we can gain the order we desire.

Clarity is the state of being clear, of being lucid, of seeing beyond the muck and mire of over cluttered homes, offices, filing cabinets and garages. Yet for too many of us, we have allowed our things to dominate our living and work spaces and have lost our way in having functioning and usable spaces. We don’t know where to turn, so we turn away as a strategy to avoid. This approach never works.

When working with a professional organizer, we are aligning ourselves with someone who has the skill and training who can coach us, guide us and walk us through the maze of things and move us out of  overwhelm and into action to change the situation at hand. By opening one box at a time, by rearranging furniture, by clearing out our filing cabinets and closets, we make room for new possibilities that hadn’t existed. We are offered a new direction and pathway that guides us out of the fear, dread, shame and embarrassment and into new solutions that give us relief.

Once the roadmap is drawn, we can more effectively maneuver the terrain that had once blocked us and kept us stymied. Our clutter is not the problem. Our things are only the symptom. We can learn new strategies of how best to cope with our mail, paper projects, desktop, garage and storage facility. We purge, sort, contain, file and get things into zones so we know what we have and where to find it. We can now manage what we own and it makes more sense. Like working with a nutritionist, we learn to eat the foods that will support our optimum weight and health. We have a plan as how best to eat, how best to work with the things we own so they no longer rule our spaces that we had once found unmanageable.

Clarity provides the realization and awareness to get to the other side of the overwhelm by moving through it and facing the things we’ve avoided for so long. We don’t have to live in fear and dread. We don’t have to hide our unopened mail in bags and boxes because we are afraid to deal with it. We have someone who walks with us through the discomfort and coaches us on making new  decisions we had once avoided. As we do, we get clearer on where we want to go, how we want to proceed and to express ourselves with our newfound expression in our  homes and offices.

Call Creative Space Organizing today if you need clarity in any area of your home and office so we can clear the path together and you can have the awareness and insight into expressing yourself more productively in your life at 510.501.1213.