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Clarity Follows Order

Clarity Follows Order

Clarity Follows Order

It is written that order is the first law of the universe. Without it, chaos reigns and the basic patterns and flow of life cannot function, from the rotation of the planets to the functioning of our bodies.

Clearing A Pathway
I face disorder on a consistent basis working with clients whose living and work spaces are fraught with clutter and disarray. My intent is to alleviate that malaise by clearing a pathway through the mess and helping them achieve their goals for order and organization. We do that by eliminating excess, sorting out the unwanted from the items kept. We create a usable system so the the areas can be maintained.

Clarity Ensues
What follows is clarity. Where a room once filled with papers, toys, boxes of unopened mail, clothes and books is now cleared and its contents have dedicated homes, the space functions at a new level. Clients respond with a sense of relief, satisfaction, calm and gratitude. They can see the floor and horizontal surfaces, there are spaces for their eyes to rest, their minds can relax as the room expands and opens.
Clarity is a state of openness, lucidity, focus, expansion. Repeatedly I note clients move from overwhelm and dread to experiencing spaciousness, not only on the physical level but emotionally and mentally as well. They experience a sense of freedom from the visual preoccupation that had muddled their thinking and opened them to a new reality.

Levels of Clarity
Clarity occurs in levels. It often begins with the client realizing their current state of living and work spaces are no longer functional and they need help. Working with me breaks up the logjam and reveals there is a way through the stuff. They now have a choice and an alternative.
Two clients I have worked with both had decades of items they’d held onto from sets of family china, to kid’s toys to books and lots of unwanted and unusable things. One of the clients had rooms with giant “islands” of things piled atop each other, as well as boxes and boxes of stuff stored and sealed because he didn’t want to deal with it at the time. He also had 2 storage units full of more of the same ingredients that he figured he spent close to $12,000 to which we recycled or dumped 98% of it!
Once this flotsam was eliminated, the homes had a new found purpose and feeling to them. They could be lived in and enjoyed from a different perspective and appreciation. Clarity had returned as they saw their homes from a new awareness. Interestingly, both of them met new partners, which I attribute on some level, to having the space for someone new to enter their lives.

From A New Vantage Point
Clarity offers the option of seeing life from new vantage point. The visual and virtual noise quiets and we experience an openness to other possibilities. When one is mired in clutter, options don’t seem to exist. The walls of things appear to close in and swallow one whole. When that burden is lifted, the joy of new day offers itself, freeing one to new options and opportunities.

Clear the Way Now
With the arrival of Spring, NOW is the ideal time to clear away way bogs you down and open to a different way of being, free from the past and open to the clarity you desire. Give me a call today at 510.501.1213