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Beautfiying A Space

Beautfiying A Space

Interior design often encompasses changing, altering and transforming an existing space into something different–enhancing its features, improving the quality, altering the look and feel so it functions in a new way, and looks either modern, elegant, hip, playful, tranquil, etc. The potential is limitless.

What does it mean to beautify a space? We may think it requires a complete overhaul of a what’s in it such as paint, flooring, lighting, new furnishings, etc. Sometimes that is required while many times changes are simpler and far less drastic.

To beautify is to enhance, to improve the aesthetics of a space and it can mean moving existing pieces such as artwork whose impact is lost where and how its place; shifting the orientation of a room to make it more open and inviting; eliminating clutter and excess furniture, or adding some new bursts of colors via pillows or other accents to give the room a boost.

I first like to get a sense of what the room needs and wants by “listening to it.” Is the current furniture working with the size of the room? Do the colors work harmoniously together? Is there something missing? Do the pieces compete with each other? Is the room creating the desired look and feel the client wants? What needs to change for the space to unify, to bridge together the various pieces so the ultimate outcome is achieved? And is the room serving the client how she/he needs it?

Beautifying a room requires understanding the needs of the client, how the room is used, and ensuring that it functions from a usable and practical point of view as well as from an aesthetic perspective. It does no good to have a space that is pretty to look at but isn’t usable. I’ve seen many a formal space that people fear setting foot in. It becomes the “look don’t touch” space that prevents one from enjoying the room. It’s important when I am helping a client with a room that we address the basic needs of that room as well as the visual components so it meets the outcomes the client wants.

I recently worked with a young professional woman in a one bedroom apartment who didn’t have a strong concept of how the furniture of her home should be laid out, in addition to an awkward use of plants in her bedroom as well as artwork. Both her bedroom and living room suffered from the naked wall treatment that was devoid of all furniture and one with no art. The room was completely imbalanced and with all the visual weight on one side. Her bedroom had 4 large floor plants placed in a square formation around her bed, 2 sitting on plastic pots and the others on her night stands. Yikes! A large mirror hung to the right of her bed and a large painting across from the bed. I removed 2 plants, placed them on the floor where they belonged and put them into corners. I moved the mirror on an adjacent wall to her bed and moved the painting where the mirror had been. I then moved a piece of furniture from her bathroom to the naked wall and placed her clothes hamper next to it and removed the 2 Ikea torchiere lamps to the other room to be eliminated eventually. Wow! The room had balance and looked so much more inviting.

In the living room, we got rid of a very large oversized brown suede recliner that belonged in a mancave,and moved the couch to the naked wall and the loveseat in its place. I then moved an endtable cramped in the corner near the couch. We moved the desk to the opposite side of the room and changed the whole feel of the space so it became a place to visit and gather with friends. We moved the horizontal mirror to the other wall which now reflects light from outside and makes the room look bigger. Our next step is finishing off with accessories to create a space that is unified with a concept and theme. She was thrilled with the changes we made–all without spending a dime on other pieces.

Take a look around see what simple things you can do to upgrade a space by it by eliminating the unnecessary and unifying it with key pieces that enhance the area and make a great place in which to live. If you should need help with these changes, please call 510.501.1213 and let Creative Space Organizing beautify your spaces.