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After Party Clean up

After Party Clean up

Parties and events are an integral part of our lives, celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and other important milestones. Yet along with parties, comes the inevitable fallout of plates, cups, linens, party decor and clean up. Creating an organized clean up plan makes the aftermath much more manageable.

For BBQs and parties at home and outdoors, create a garbage and recycling system ahead of time so guests know where to discard things and items go directly into these receptacles. Keep an eye out during the event for empty bottles, cups and plates and dispose as you go along. This helps keep more manageability especially when the party ends.

When going on a picnic to a park or the beach, bring items grouped together–plates, cups, utensils, cooking items, food and drinks in boxes or plastic bins. Paper bags rip and fall apart when wet. Use reusable cloth bags that stay in one piece. Bring extra wrap for food items so they can be placed directly into refrigerator when arriving home. If the venue doesn’t have recycling , bag it up and take it home rather than add to the landfill.

If you party a lot outdoors during summer months, have a designated space in your garage where you can have quick and easy access to your most used items, including pool and beach gear, toys and towels.

Having systems in place, makes life flow much more smoothly and gives you more time to have fun outside and less time spent looking for things you use most.