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Steve Adams works as a personal organizer for clients throughout the SF/Bay Area as well as Oakland, Walnut Creek and Marin County. He specializes in home organizing, tackling overstuffed garages, closets, bedrooms, kitchens, and dining and living rooms that have lost their usability. Steve restores order, maximizes storage and beautifies spaces. He assesses a room’s needs and works in partnership with you to create the best possible solution, using the area effectively and creatively.

With over twenty years in the event/floral design business and over ten years in the restaurant industry, Steve knows the value of an organized workspace. Tools of the trade are available and easy to find, while the surrounding environment has specific zones for each item thereby increasing productivity and maximizing work time.

Steve has three art degrees that enhance his skills as an interior designer, assisting in color and furniture choices and layout, and loves mixing unique items and textures that speak to a client’s personality. He knows the effectiveness of time management and the value of planning each day to get the best use of his time and productive output.

Steve’s Mission is to educate and empower people to restore order and beauty to their home and work places. His Vision is empowering people to live in a world without clutter. Serving people so they live more creatively, expressively and productively are Steve’s passions.

Reach professional organizer Steve Adams at (510) 501-1213 to discuss organizing your home or office.