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Keeping the Pathways Open

Keeping the Pathways Open

Our lives are filled with paths upon which we travel, literally and metaphorically. The path from childhood to adulthood; the path through various education levels; the path of marriage and creating a family; the path of healing from a serious illness; the path through a work career just to name a few. Our paths, sometimes open and clear and other times fraught with obstacles, are what each of us must traverse in one form or another. The goal is to keep the path clear so we have a way to get where we intend to go.
Ay, there’s the rub. Where is it that we intend to go? Where is it that we want to move to in our lives, businesses, relationships, spiritual unfoldment? Do we know? Or are we aimlessly walking from one place to the next or are we putting up roadblocks for ourselves so we can’t move to some place greater?
I recently worked with someone in the event industry who, because of her problems with focus, poor planning skills and withholding pertinent information to key people around her, created undue stress and chaos. People’s hands were tied because they didn’t have information they needed to do their jobs and facilitate the event’s progress. Their pathways were blocked by her overextension and keeping details to herself that derailed the path’s flow and function.
When I was working onsite for this event, situated in a small tent, I worked diligently to keep the space cleared. People constantly dropped boxes and other items into the area as well as put things into the small, existing pathways so people could not get to needed items and the functionality of the area ground to a halt. It was challenging to say the least. Without the pathways, the space was rendered useless.
I know when working with clients as an organizer when we are clearing out a room and moving things into other rooms, we must keep access to get into and out of our work area and have access to take things to other places in the home or office. There is a natural tendency to put things right outside the door for ease and within a very short amount of time there is no way to get through and our path is blocked, minimizing our efficiency. Working in this way slows our progress and keeps us from moving forward. Items have to be moved out of the area and we must have a clear path to and from the room in which work.
It is my belief that the clutter in client’s homes and offices are the blocks they use to deter their progress and forward movement in life. It is a subtle and unconscious way of blocking the path to get where they would really like to go. Notice if you have piles of things in the perimeter of rooms or if you have stacks of things on your desk or if you like to fan it all out onto horizontal surfaces so you can “see” it all yet can’t really find what you need when you need it. These strategies are insidious ways of stopping the flow of energy from moving forward and how we can keep ourselves behind a wall of things.
Keeping pathways clear is a continual practice and requires due diligence to notice ways in which we erect barriers and things to stop our forward momentum. Keep the path clear and notice the difference in what we can accomplish and how we can direct ourselves to new places in our lives.
If you need help, call Creative Space Organizing to asses where your pathways are blocked and how to clear them for increased energy, clarity and flow.